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  • Paramach, a game changer?

    Published on November 11, 2012 by David Currie

    Paramach blog

    When Euclid of Alexandria deduced the principles of geometry from a set of axioms over two thousand years ago, he could never have imagined what would be possible with a billion computations per second.  Could he?  Those principles came to define the foundation of today’s CAD/CAM software.

    Moore’s Law, combined with the accumulation of 50 years of software development, has produced  incredibly powerful tools for designers and engineers throughout the manufacturing industry. The design, modification, analysis, optimization and manufacture of complex precision components can all be completely virtualized through extremely realistic and accurate 3D models.

    This is all fantastic stuff, but there is a downside. These software tools are expensive, time consuming to learn and require highly trained engineers to fully utilize all of the softwares functionality. Even more disconcerting than this is the fact that CAD/CAM software is still confined to the desktop environment and restricted to a single operating system.

    In the last few years we’ve seen tremendous advances take place in web technologies, so much so that an important paradigm shift has occurred, one that has completely changed the way in which we think about the delivery of our business applications. A new and convenient software delivery model has emerged, providing companies with the distinct advantage of having their applications centrally hosted on secure remote servers and accessed via a web browser, at any time and from any location they choose!

    As software developers continually provide us with these new and exciting web applications, thousands of businesses, enterprises and even governments around the world are rapidly adopting the SaaS delivery model. Sadly however, CAD/CAM is one of the few remaining branches of commercial software that has yet to make this change and fully exploit the World Wide Web by providing “Software-as-a-Service”.

    Until now that is!

    Paramach was born from ideas for making CAD/CAM software easy and accessible. Early in the development it quickly became obvious that we should make the inevitable leap and exploit these new emerging internet technologies, and become the first software company in the world to create a fully integrated CAD/CAM web application.

    The arrival of Paramach finally gives manufacturing engineers, machine shops and CNC hobbyists the opportunity to join the dozens of other professions that have already changed the way in which they use and pay for software, to help improve their productivity and business processes by working in a distributed and collaborative environment.

    Of course, internet browsers have their limitations with running computationally and graphically intensive software, which is one reason for the late adoption by this industry. However, this is an area of computer science that is perhaps going through the greatest change of all.

    Full blown feature rich applications can now be delivered to an internet browser in a timely manner, which look and feel just like desktop applications that are installed on the computer’s hard drive. Internet data transfer rates are now measured in Gbps (gigabits per second!) That’s at the high end at the moment, but will soon enough be the norm for us all. The internet has become a critical infrastructure that underpins society and commerce all over the world, and the technology behind it is advancing at an astonishing rate.

    Paramach leads the way for web applications in one of the most mature of all software industries.  There are some real giants in this space, but unlike these behemoths, we can and will change in an instant and adapt to new technologies, languages or development environments. Our passion for software development will make certain that we remain firmly fixed on the leading edge of internet technology.

    The functionality and workflow of a typical project within Paramach embodies the essential characteristics of tried and proven engineering techniques, learnt from 30 years of experience in CNC machining and mechanical design, most of this served in the Motorsport industry. We’re confident that Paramach users will find the system to be not only very powerful and capable, but also a pleasurable experience due to its ease of use and unconstrained medium.

    Users will see and feel Paramach continually evolving, with an update being pushed live almost every week! And they will ultimately shape our development road map through feedback and feature requests. New features high on our list at the moment that users will see over the coming months include associative drafting, scripting, CAD translators, enhanced constraints engine, real-time messaging and of course tool path strategies.

    The mechanical engineering industry is a slow moving beast steeped in tradition, indeed a steady succession of steps have occurred for thousands of years. For change to happen around here, it has to be consistent, intelligent, logical and compelling. We believe Paramach is all of these.

    “Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better.”
    Samuel Johnson.

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