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Features list

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Paramach is a fully-featured 2.5D CAD/CAM and project management system that runs entirely within your web browser. It’s packed full of useful features that are both powerful and easy to use.

See below for a brief list of technical features.

Paramach CAD/CAM features list:

  • 2D CAD creation with multiple planes and layers
  • Customizable layer manager
  • Rich 3D design environment
  • Interactive command bar with detailed history list (significantly reduces need for dialogue boxes)
  • Import and export DXF files
  • Dynamic panning, zooming and rotation with middle mouse wheel or keyboard
  • Project Notes Editor – embed useful formatted notes into your project. Other users that access the same file can also add notes
  • Modify contours with advanced fillet, chamfer, offset, trim, extend, join, break and explode
  • Grip Edit – drag and drop geometries anywhere in the design area (snapped elements remain geometrically inferred)
  • Geometry transformation commands including move, copy, mirror, rotate and scale
  • Relational Snapping including end, mid, centre, tangent, intersection, perpendicular and parallel (geometrical constraints and conditions are preserved when editing elements of inferred relationships)
  • Extended Snap feature for orthogonal or polar extensions – intersections of extended snaps also become Snap points and infer a relationship
  • Driven dimensions for intricate and precise measurements of any radius, angle or length
  • Power Geoline tool for creating assumptive entities without endless snapping, trimming, extending and joining
  • Dynamic and editable dimensions – enter exact sizes in the dimension field to drive design aspects and create precise geometries
  • Multiple undo and redo functions
  • Autosave for disaster recovery
  • CNC Milling – rough/finish profile, pocketing, face Milling and spindle operations
  • Rough/finish profiles with profiled sides
  • Customizable lead-in/lead-out and overlap functions
  • CNC Turning – roughing, pocketing, finishing, grooving, threading, parting-off and centre line operations
  • Control all aspects of your machining operations – radius compensation, subroutines, canned cycles, coolant etc.
  • Automatic calculation of speeds and feeds
  • Variety of toolpath options
  • All toolpaths are fully-associative to the geometry used to generate them
  • Machining simulation – zoom, pan and rotate while the simulation is running
  • Personalised tool libraries – create and edit your own tool definitions
  • Personalised material libraries – create and edit your own material definitions
  • Powerful Post Processing for error-free CNC programs
  • Paramach edit – edit and compare your CNC programs, Post Processors and scripts with our useful editing tool
  • Save projects locally or to the Cloud

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