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  • CAD/CAM On Demand

    CAD/CAM On Demand

    Wherever you have access to a web browser, you'll have access to Paramach, at work, home or on the move, your projects are available 24 hours a day.

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  • Total Solutions

    Total Solution

    Removing the restrictions of traditional desktop CAD/CAM software. Powerful drawing and machining functions with convenient online collaboration tools.

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  • User Interface

    User Interface

    Paramach's clean and simple User Interface is designed to look, feel and behave exactly like a desktop application with familiar menus and toolbars.

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  • Geometry Creation

    Intuitive time saving drawing tools like the unique Power Geoline specifically designed with the machinist in mind to quickly create precise Machinable geometry.

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  • Milling


    2.5D Milling operations include, straight or angled profiles, pocketing, face milling, drilling, tapping and boring, with fully customizable material and tool libraries.

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  • Turning Environment

    Turning Environment

    Essential Turning operations such as, facing, pocketing, finishing, back-boring, grooving, threading and centre line operations. Define your own tools with the Paramach lathe tool generator.

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  • Post Processor

    Post Processor

    Paramach's powerful Post processors work seamlessly in the background, automatically generating perfect machine ready G-Code.

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  • Paramach Edit

    Paramach Edit

    For advanced users, Paramach's companion text editor allows you to write your own Post processors, Scripts and macros, using our powerful CAD# programming language.

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  • Featrues List

    Features List

    Browse through a complete list of the many powerful and convenient features that's included in the Paramach applications.

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  • User Dashboard

    User Dashboard

    This is your personal home page where you can access your files. and collaborate with other Paramach users.

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