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Paramach Edit

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Paramach’s companion text editor is designed for managing, editing and comparing CNC programs. You can write your own Post Processors, scripts and macros quickly and efficiently using our proprietary CAD# programming language.

Paramach’s intuitive user interface provides you with many useful editing tools like, cut, copy and paste, multiple undo/redo commands and individual line management options such as, numbering, indentations and adding/removing spaces.

Additionally, the editor window allows for side-by-side file comparison of multiple NC programs to help better identify and edit any G/M code discrepancies.





In a CAD# program, keywords and objects are shown in different colours depending on their category or type. This is a technique known as Syntax Highlighting which  greatly improves readability of the code and helps programmers and machinists understand context and find potential errors quickly and easily.

Paramach edit also allows you to compile your Post Processor and scripts as often as you like. When activated a separate compiler results window will be displayed, reporting the results of any errors and their location that it finds.

Another important feature that’s incorporated into the Paramach edit is the object browser. Shown either docked or floating, the object browser allows programmers to examine and discover objects, (namespaces, classes, structures, interfaces, types, enums, etc.) along with their members, (properties, methods, events, variables, etc.) that make up the Paramach API. Objects are arranged in a tree-type structure with detailed information about the currently selected object displayed in a separate description pane.

Once verification or editing of your NC program is complete, the text file can then be transferred to your CNC controller using your existing DNC software. If you require communication software to complete your transfers please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with a list of companies that produce suitable DNC software.


Paramach’s versatile companion text editor is designed specifically for managing, editing and comparing CNC programs. You can write your own post processors, scripts and macros quickly and efficiently using our powerful CAD# programming language.

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