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Post Processors

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Paramach’s integrated Post Processors translate the toolpath data generated by the CAM system into a set of specific instructions required by the CNC contoller to accurately machine the part you’ve programmed.

The critical Link

Our Post Processors are built to generate the most efficient, error-free G-Code possible. Paramach uses its own powerful CAD# scripting language for creating Post Processors that can be much more than a translator, they can become an important part of machine shop automation. Paramach Post Processors include advanced programming features such as:


You can quickly and easily build new Posts, or make modifications to any of our standard Posts, by using the integrated Paramach editor. Our Post Processors can be configured to generate CNC programs for almost any type of machine controller.

If you don’t see a Post Processor for your CNC control listed in our library, and you’re not confident writing or modifying a Post yourself, then we will be happy to modify one for you, FREE OF CHARGE!

A link to the Post Processor Request Form can be accessed from the Help menu within your personal dashboard page. Simply complete the request Form and submit it to our Technical Support team.

Custom Posts

If you need a custom Post Processor built for an unfamiliar machine or controller, or if you require an extensive re-configuration based on bespoke specifications, then our technical support engineers will be glad to provide you with a quote for this service.


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