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Precise geometry creation

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Paramach’s professional level drawing tools have been purposely designed with the machinist in mind.

In order to produce an accurate toolpath, you must first create precise machinable geometry.

Paramach can help you create these geometries quickly and efficiently with a full selection of powerful yet easy-to-use drawing tools.

Paramach has all of the classic CAD tools necessary for creating your part geometries. Precise and complex parts can be created using intuitive drawing, modifying and dimension tools, combined with more advanced features such as relational snapping and the Power Geoline tool. These and other essential CAD functions will provide huge time saving advantages for you and your company.

The Geoline

The Geoline has been specifically designed to represent geometries that are to be machined. These are typically a chain of tangentially connected lines and arcs. A Geoline is a discrete and individual object containing data associated with each ‘turn’ in this chain of elements.

Each ‘turn’ has a radius (which can be zero) and six parameters:

X, Y, direction-in, direction-out, length-in, length-out

Any combination of two of these six parameters can be used to define or edit a ‘turn’ thus making the Geoline a powerful object. Geolines can be created using conventional methods such as snapping, trimming, extending and joining. But there is a better way…

The Power Geoline

The Power Geoline offers the user the ability to create entire machinable geometries within a single command without having to painfully piece together endless individual shapes with standard joining methods. With the Power Geoline, you’ll be creating precise and complex parts in minutes.

Unlike conventional CAD systems, Paramach can make assumptions about the part geometry that you are creating i.e that it is a chain or sequence of tangentially connected lines and arcs. The Power Geoline exploits these assumptions. It is a modal command (active until cancelled) for building a Geoline by defining each ‘turn’ in terms of its radius, rotation and any two of its six parameters. ‘Turn’ parameters are entered at the command bar or property box, or in one of the Dynamic Dimension text fields. While the command is active, previous ‘turns’ can be revisited, offering more Dynamic Dimensions, also a ‘turn’ can be left half-defined until the next ‘turn’ is fully defined.

Geometrical relationships & Snapping

Paramach’s powerful Snapping features, usually only found on high-end systems, allow the user to create constrained and precise geometries in minutes. As you create your designs, you’ll have access to powerful Snapping features such as end, mid, centre, tangent, intersection, perpendicular, parallel, horizontal and vertical.

Furthermore, the geometrical relationships between ‘Snapped’ elements become permanently inferred and are preserved regardless of how you manipulate the entity as a whole.

All elements within a closed system of inferred geometrical relationships will dynamically update depending on how you manipulate individual aspects of the entire entity. The user is then immediately aware of how all elements are constrained to one another, and how various manipulations of each aspect will affect other ‘Snapped’ aspects of the entire entity.

Also, as you’re drawing within Paramach, Snap points are shown with a ‘Snap indicator’ icon next to your mouse cursor as you hover over the relevant coordinates. Clicking the left mouse button will snap to that point, but if you move your mouse cursor over the ‘Snap indicator’, the Snap changes into an ‘extended Snap’. Orthogonal and Polar extensions will then project from that point, offering more geometrical conditions to Snap to. Furthermore, if these extensions intersect anything, the intersection point will also become a ‘Snap point’.

With Paramach’s powerful drawing tools, you’ll be creating precise machinable geometries, quicker and more efficiently than you ever thought possible!


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