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User Dashboard

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Your personal dashboard area provides a convenient central access point from which to manage all of your project files, messages and account information.


The dashboard home page is the first screen you will see once you’ve successfully logged-in to your account.

From here users can launch the Paramach CAD/CAM and Paramach Edit web applications.

The dashboard area also provides you with access to the Video Training Series, Help Guide and other support pages such as: Raise a ticket, Request a Post Processor and Bug Reports.




Keeping you organised

To help keep all of your Paramach files and projects organised and in one convenient location, your personal dashboard includes a familiar drop-down file structure, providing quick and easy access to all of your files, projects, Post Processors and libraries. Every Paramach user recieves 250 MB of free online storage, enough for hundreds of files!

For companies with multiple users the dashboard area helps you to create a project work space to increase productivity, reduce costs and drastically improve collaborative efforts across geographically separated users.

  • Recent Projects. Your dashboard home page will display your most recent projects files. Just click open file, to launch the application and continue working where you left off.
  • Community Folders. These contain read-only files accessible to every Paramach user. They include samples and demo files used to accompany the training videos, along with a selection of standard Post Processors, material and tool libraries.
  • Company Folders These contain shared files for every user in the company. Anyone in the company can save a file to these folders. Paramach handles concurrency by only allowing one user to save a file if multiple copies are open at the same time. A file in the Company folder cannot be overwritten with a different file and only the administrator can delete these files.
  • My Folders These are the user’s personal folders containing files that are only visible to them. Users cannot access another users files.
  • Buckets. Buckets enable you to share read-only copies of your files with Paramach Support or and other Paramach member. To share a bucket with someone from a different company, you must first send them a Buddy Invite.



Paramach DMS (Dashboard Messaging System)

Your personal dashboard also incorporates a fast, secure and easy to use Dashboard Messaging System.

Similar to a native email platform, but much quicker and more efficiant, Paramach DMS is a totally secure and reliable way to communicate directly with other users in your company. And, if you wish to communicate with other users outside of your own company, simply send them a Buddy Invite.

Compose your messages using Paramach’s rich text editor, featuring a selection of popular formatting options.

All your messages are conveniently saved to your conversations folder once they’ve been read. From there they can be moved to the Archive Folder to be saved or permanently deleted.

Unlimited free storage is provided for saving all of your conversations and posts.

Paramach DMS can also be your first line of communication with us, and we provide several catagorized support areas for you to post to.

With Paramach DMS and the integrated Ask A Question feature, you’re only a few keyboard strokes away from receiving a quick and timely response from our dedicated support staff.


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