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User interface

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Paramach’s simple user interface is designed to look, feel and behave exactly like a desktop application. It will be instantly familiar to anyone who has previously used Windows software with menus and toolbars.

Thoughtful design and positioning of toolbars provides the maximum amount of space in which to work on your designs. We’ve also kept dialogue boxes, toolbars and pop-ups to a minimum so your design experience is the quickest and most efficient it can be.

Almost every aspect of Paramach CAD/CAM can be controlled using a combination of toolbar functions, mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts and command bar queries. Creating geometries, panning, zooming and navigation throughout the various CAD/CAM features are all made incredibly easy with our simple and effective user interface.

And we haven’t neglected your visual experience either. Paramach’s design environment uses a powerful graphics engine to ensure crisp and accurate drawing with flicker-free operation. Whether you’re creating and editing geometries, viewing your design in a 3D environment, or running a simulation of your machining operations, your graphical experience is incomparable to any other web application you’ve ever seen.


Paramach command bar

The command bar is a powerful interactive feature available within Paramach that displays prompts to the user for each step of every command. Commands can be completed within Paramach using a combination of mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts and command bar prompts. Every action and input is recorded in the convenient command bar ‘history’ list. The command bar ensures the user has total control over their workflow and has a historical record of every command carried out during the session.

The command bar significantly reduces the need for dialogue boxes, which means your design experience is as simple and fluid as possible. For most commands, the command bar can be used exclusively or not, or anywhere in between. The command bar will always display a prompt to the user regardless of the CAD or CAM function being carried out. Users can either input specific parameters into the command bar itself to complete the command, or they can use conventional mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts. Whichever method the user chooses to adopt, all inputs are usefully recorded within the command bar’s history.

For the more technical user, values entered into the command bar (or any other text field in Paramach) can be represented by any valid mathematical expression which can include mathematical functions and predefined variables.

For Example:

10 + (COS(45) * RAD), 10 + (SIN(45) * RAD) is a valid input for <X, Y> coordinates where RAD is a predefined variable.

Background colour

Offering a choice of different background colours is also an important consideration when designing a user interface. We understand that users may prefer to work against a darker background, so we’ve incorporated a colour graduation feature that allows you to adjust the background colour to your preference.

So whether you’re creating a drawing, generating toolpaths or running a machining simulation, you’ll enjoy seamless integration between CAD and CAM functionality all within a single, feature-rich environment.


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