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Ask A Question

The “Ask A Question” feature provides a quick and simple way for Users to submit a question to the Paramach support staff, directly from within the CAD/CAM web application.

Get Answers Fast!

We’re mindful of the fact that as you’re working in the application there’s sure to be a time when you have a question about a certain feature or functionality, and need to get an answer fast as possible.

The “Ask A Question” feature provides the perfect solution.

Unlike the “Raise A Ticket” support form, which is designed for more complex technical questions or software problems, the “Ask A Question” feature is specifically intended for user to submit short, non-technical questions that can be answered quickly by our support staff.

Our commitment to providing the best user experience possible and your success with the software, is our top priority. Users you can take comfort in the knowledge that our dedicated Support staff will be standing by, ready and eager to help.


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