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Beta Testing Benefits

  • You get to preview and test software before the final product is released
  • You can suggest additional features for the software
  • You get priority e-mail and online support
  • You'll help us make our software better in ways that work for you
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Public Beta testing

At Paramach we’re extremely excited about the up-coming release of our unique CAD/CAM web application.

After extensive internal Alpha testing, and a period of private Beta testing we’ve now reached a position in our development cycle where we’re ready to invite a larger number of users to participate in our Public Beta test.

We believe it is essential that Paramach delivers the highest quality product to our customers, and through the use of our Public Beta program, you have the opportunity to preview and test the industry’s first fully integrated CAD/CAM web application before we officially release the software to the marketplace.

What is a Beta test?

In software development, a Public Beta is the third phase of testing in which a larger number of external users participate in testing a pre-release version of the software. Testing is carried out under normal every-day conditions, in order to identify any Bugs or configuration issues, that may cause problems when the software is used in the environment for which it was intended.

Interested in participating?

We’d love to hear from you if you’re genuinely interested in taking part in our Public Beta program, and be amongst the first to try out and test this incredible new CAD/CAM web application. With your participation, Bug reporting and feedback you’ll be helping to make Paramach an even better product for everyone.

We’re looking for people who can:

  • Commit at least 1 hour a day using and testing the applications
  • Prepare and send back Bug reports as soon as they’re discovered
  • Report on compatibility issues (specifically related to your configuration)
  • Provide helpful feedback and suggestions on ways to improve the software

Please complete all fields in the application form below to be considered a candidate for the Paramach Beta testing program.

Application Form

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Please Note
There’s no need to contact us, if we consider you to be a good candidate to participate in our Beta testing program, we will notify you by email, at the address provided.


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