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Adding New Users

Paramach makes it simple to add additional users to your account.

All New Users will have their own user name and password for logging into the Paramach system. They will also have their own folder structure for saving their files, projects and libraries.

Please Note; All users will have access to the Paramach Community folders and your Company folders, but WILL NOT have access to other users folders.

To add a new user select, ‘Users Admin’ from the Admin drop-down menu. On this page click the ‘Add a new user’ button

Next, complete all sections in the New User sign-up form. If you wish the user to have access to the CAD/CAM application please be sure to select ‘Yes’ for the CAD/CAM User status. (CAD/CAM users will incur a charge and be billed for accessing the application).

Once you’ve entered the User details and made your selections click the ‘Update’ button.

If you now return to the Users Admin page you will see the new user has been added to list in your accounts record.

If you wish to deactivate a User account please see, Deactivate/Cancel Account(s).


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