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AutoSave Feature

AutoSave is a critical component of the paramach system. As a Web based application it was essential that we incorporate disaster recovery into the software, to help protect your files at all times in the event of a disruption that may causes the loss of your internet connection while working in the application.

Running in the background, the AutoSave feature will periodically save your work every 3 minutes, and will re-write the previously saved file. This a default setting that cannot be turned off.

The last three AutoSave files that Paramach creates will be saved to the root of “My Folders” which can be accessed from the folder structure in the Dashboard area, or directly from within the Application. (Shown below).

To recover the file and continue where you left off, simply double click on any of the AutoSave files.


In the event that Paramach does encounter a problem with your internet connection, your work will be saved at this point and Paramach will automatically close the application. An Alert box (shown below) will be displayed notifying you of the problem and suggesting some actions you can take to resolve the situation.


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