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Deactivate/Cancel Account(s)

Administrators can Deactivate an entire account, or individual user accounts at any time. Active Users are paid up until the end of the billing month, so the user will not be Deactivated  immediately, just marked as “Pending Deactivation”.

At the end of the billing period, such Users will be Deactivated immediately. (We’re sorry but we do not offer refunds, and we do not pro-rate for partial months).

When an account is Deactivated the following will apply:

  • All Billing charges for the Deactivated account(s) will be stopped immediately.
  • Users can still log into their personal Dashboard area, but will not be able to access the CAD/CAM application.
  • Users will still have access to their own folders and files.
  • Your contact information and billing details will be retained, should you wish to reactivate the account.
  • If you reactivate your account after deactivation, the normal billing cycle will begin again.
  • If you wish to permanently Cancel the account please contact us at, accounts@paramach.com your billing details and any files stored on the Paramach system will be deleted.  (You’ll be reminded to remove any files that you wish to keep).

Deactivate Account(s)

1. In your Dashboard area select, ‘Users Admin” from the Admin drop-down menu. On this page you will see the listed users and their status within the Paramach system. Now click on the ‘Edit’ link next to the users name, to open the Edit User page.

2. On the Edit User page, click on the ‘Deactivate’ button next to Account Status, this will invoke a pop-up text box for you to confirm your action by selecting ‘OK’. To complete the deactivation you must click on the ‘Update’ button to save the changes and update your account settings.

3. If you now go back to the Users Admin. page, you will see the Users status has changed to ‘Pending Deactivation’. The users status will remain pending until the end of the billing period.

4. Once you reach the end of the billing period the user status will change to ‘Inactive’ and no further charges will be applied to this account.

5. While the account is ‘Inactive’ the application launch buttons will be grayed out, indicating that you’ll no longer have to access the Paramach applications.

Note: To reactivate an account, simply reverse the actions described above.

If you need help or have any questions regarding Deactivation/Cancel Account(s) please contact us at, accounts@paramach.com

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