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Bug Report

Welcome to Paramach’s Bug Report submission page. If you think that you have discovered a software problem that we are unaware of, we strongly encourage you to report it as soon as possible.

After your Report has been submitted it will be entered into our database for tracking purposes. Once the problem has been verified by our software engineers, we will take immediate action to resolve the issue.

An email will be sent acknowledging the submission of your report, but you will only be contacted if we require additional information to duplicate the Bug.

Describing the Actions to Reproduce a Bug

In order to isolate and fix the bug, our engineers need to be able to reproduce it. Despite the ongoing testing Process of our software products, we may never have seen the Bug you have encountered: some Bugs may be triggered under very specific circumstances associated with your settings, your data, or interference from non-Paramach background services you are using.

It’s very important that we know the sequence of actions that led to your encountering the Bug. Please be as detailed as possible when describing how you found the Bug and make the Bug report easy to understand. Avoid using jargon or abbreviations and try to remember the exact order in which things occurred. Providing clear step-by-step instructions for reproducing the Bug will greatly assist our engineers in providing an expedient solution to the problem.

A notification will be sent when a Fix, patch or new update is released which fixes the Bug, or if we can offer some other work-around to the problem.

Report a Bug

  •  The problem is easily reproduced

Thank you for helping make Paramach the best it can be.

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