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Post Processor Request

To request a new or modified Post, please fill out all the sections in the form below, its vitally important that you supply us with all the relevant information. Our goal is to provide the best possible Post for your machine.

Please Note: If you need a ‘Custom Post Processor’ built for an unfamiliar machine or controller, or if you require an extensive re-configuration based on bespoke specifications, then our technical support engineers will be glad to provide you with a quote for this service. support@paramach.com

Shortly after your submission we will contact you with an estimated time for completion, or if we require additional information to process your request.

  • In addition to the sections above we also require the following information:
  • An NC Program that you know works perfectly well on your machine
  • A complete list of all accepted GM codes
  • Examples and complete descriptions of all desired machining canned cycles

  • File size limited to 10mb. For large or multiple files please use a zip folder.
  • Please include any additional notes you feel we may need to process your request



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