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Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are only available as a payment option for businesses, established companies, and educational institutions.

A signed Customer generated Purchase Order with the following details are required:

  • P.O. number based on your own Purchase Order Numbering system.
  • Company name and billing address
  • Telephone number and Fax number
  • Discription, number of Users, Price and Total. (As stated on your Invoice)
  • Email address for electronic delivery
  • Contact person and contact details.
  • Authorized signiture.

Payment terms are net 30 days. We do not accept Purchase Orders with terms longer than this. If payment is not received within 45 days, your account will be deactivated and you’ll no longer have access to the application.

Note: Currently we do not accept Purchase Orders from outside the USA, UK and European Community. If you are an International Company/Business or Educational Institution and wish to pay using a P.O. please contact us at, accounts@paramach.com for consideration, otherwise invoices must be paid in advance using a Credit Card or PayPal.

Purchase order process

1. After completing the Company/User Details page, go to the Billing drop-down menu and select ‘Company Billing Details’. Complete all the boxes in the form, please be sure to select your ‘Preferred Currency’, enter your ‘Purchase Order number’ and select ‘Email Invoice’ in the Billing Preference. When your finished please click the ‘Update’ button’

Please Note: If you are located in the UK or European Community your company VAT number MUST appear on the P.O.

2. Next, return to the Billing drop-down menu and select ‘List Unpaid Invoices’. On this page click on ‘View’ in the first column of the Users record, to display the current invoice.

3. Please check that all the information shown on the invoice is correct. The invoice can then be downloaded and saved to your computer in the following formats, Excel, PDF, or Word.

4. Once you have a completed Purchase Order, please email your P.O. along with a copy of your invoice (PDF format preferred) to: accounts@paramach.com.

Pending the approval of your P.O. you may continue using the Paramach application. We will email you at the address provided once your account is approved. (If your P.O. is not approved you may choose another payment method ie, Credit Card or PayPal).

Purchase Orders typically take 1-2 business days to process. The terms and conditions under which we accept purchase orders are subject to change without notice. If payment is not received within the period specified on the invoice, your Company’s account and all associated accounts will be deactivated.

For Purchase Orders we accept payment via, Bank (wire) Transfer, Credit Card or Paypal. Paramach’s Bank details are included in the invoice. Important: Bank transfer fees are not included in the list prices and your company needs to pay both the sending and receiving bank transfer fees.

If you need help or have any questions regarding the Purchase Order process please contact us at: accounts@paramach.com

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