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Paramach is a powerful, low-cost CAD/CAM web application, delivering the perfect platform from which schools and universities can provide education and training in Component Design and CNC manufacturing.

Our primary design consideration during the development of Paramach was to make CNC machining easy enough for anyone to learn, while at the same time providing powerful tools for precise geometry creation, accurate toolpath generation and ultimately error-free, machine-ready G-Code.

With an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use CAD/CAM web application, employers and teachers everywhere will find Paramach to be a refreshingly innovative educational tool for providing students with the necessary skills required for a career in the CNC manufacturing industry.

Key benefits

  • Fully integrated 2.5D CAD/CAM software
  • Incorporates both Milling & Turning operations
  • Companion Editor for posts, macros and scripts
  • Extremely short learning curve and easy to use
  • Instructor-led video training series
  • Cloud-based system with instant availability
  • Study or work from anywhere at any time
  • Convenient online project collaboration tools
  • Real-time messaging system
  • .edu and student discount plans

For administrators and teachers Paramach includes a convenient User Dashboard, from which you can organize and manage all of your students activities, and depending on your class-size, users can be added or removed from the account quickly and easily at any time.

The dashboard area also allows students and teachers to create their own file structure with private folders or shared community folders for publishing templates, course work, projects and assignments. All your files and projects can be saved locally or better still, saved to the Cloud for easy access and convenient student/teacher collaboration.

With all these key features, Paramach is surely the most accessible, scalable CAD/CAM solution on the market, providing both students and teachers with the flexibility and freedom to choose where and when you want to work or study.

For more information, discount plans and how Paramach could benefit your school or university, please contact us.

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