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If you’re a CNC enthusiast (like us) or a dedicated hobbyist, Paramach’s professional level CAD/CAM web application provides an affordable, easy-to-use solution for all your home CNC projects.

Whether you use a PC or Mac, Paramach’s Cloud-based CAD/CAM applications are delivered ‘on demand’ instantly to your web browser, providing both the hobbyists and small job shop users with a powerful, low-cost alternative, to more expensive desktop software.

With a convenient, affordable monthly subscription plan and the flexibility to only pay for it when you need it, Paramach is the ideal cost-effective choice, for the hobbyist and budget-conscious users.

Only pay for it when you need it

Unlike many other CAD/CAM software products offered to the hobbyist market, Paramach is not a stripped-down, Lite or Express version of our core application.

Paramach provides the same full version software to everyone, so hobbyists and job shops everywhere can now have access to the same powerful feature-rich CAD/CAM system, that all our professional and commercial customers currently enjoy.

Designed to be as simple to learn and easy to use as possible, with powerful tools and features that rival any other 2.5D CAD/CAM system, Paramach offers all the functionality you’ll ever need for your part design and CNC machining projects.

Give it a try. Sign up for our FREE 30 day trial today!