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Paramach’s powerful integrated CAD/CAM web application represents the future of affordable ‘web based’ CNC software for professional engineers, designers and machine shops around the world.

Paramach is the industry’s first fully-featured CAD/CAM web application that allows users to control their entire design and CNC manufacturing process from anywhere in the world either on a PC or Mac using any modern internet browser equipped with the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in. An internet connection is all the infrastructure a company will ever need to access our powerful 2.5D CAD/CAM software and collaboration tools.

Paramach can be a powerful cost-saving CAD/CAM solution for any type of engineering industry such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Inspection
  • Composites
  • Automotive
  • Product Design
  • Engraving
  • Defence
  • Tool & Die
  • Woodworking
  • Marine
  • Product Modelling/Prototyping
  • Sign Making

Like any powerful CAD/CAM system, Paramach has multiple applications within any CNC manufacturing industry and is free from the constraints of physical software and hardware infrastructure. End-to-end component design for Turning and Milling can be automated entirely within your web browser without you ever having to download or install anything, and our software is easy enough for anyone to use.

At Paramach, we understand that it can be difficult to align static CAD/CAM and CNC resources to your ever-changing workload and it can be costly and time consuming for expensive high-end software to undertake relatively small or basic pieces of work. With Paramach, a web browser provides all the means necessary to deliver work quickly and efficiently outside of these constraints. With Paramach’s convenient monthly subscription model you can add or remove users to suit your needs. As well as being incredibly easy to use, our flexible and predictable cost structure allows you to manage your resources in line with your current workload. There are never any contracts to sign and the price per user even decreases as you expand your user base!

Paramach Post Processors are written in a clean and simple but powerful object-oriented type-safe scripting language called CAD#. They can be configured to generate CNC programs for almost any control. If you can’t find a Post in our library for your CNC control, and you’re not confident editing or writing a Post yourself, simply contact our Support Team. If it’s a basic Post and takes us less than a couple of hours we will write one for you, FREE of charge!

Save Money!

Ever-accessible and powerful CAD/CAM software combined with flexible subscription options provide engineering firms with real opportunities for cost-saving. With Paramach, engineering companies can save money on:


Paramach provides a comprehensive online Video Training Series and Help Guide, specifically designed to introduce new users to all of the features and functions that the software has to offer.

IT Resource

We maintain everything behind the scenes. All servicing, maintenance, back-ups and updates happen automatically.


All you need is your existing PC or MAC with an internet connection using any of the popular web browsers such as, IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

Human Resource

With Paramach, you can work from anywhere. Your human resource isn’t constrained to your offices or factory and designers could even work for you from the other side of the world!


Paramach works on any reasonable computer in any modern internet browser. Powerful Post Processing can be configured to generate programs for almost any CNC control in the world.

Design resource

Paramach can be used by everyone. Give your machinists the resource to quickly and efficiently deal with those little jobs that exist in every CNC machine shop. Increase the efficiency of your expensive, high-end resource by off-setting smaller projects to Paramach, and only pay for it when you need it.

Costly, mid-range software

Use Paramach as your dedicated CAD/CAM resource. It’s as powerful as many mid-range systems and you only ever pay for it when you need it

Software costs

Paramach subscriptions start from just $49.99 per month. See the cost-savings you’ll make from choosing Paramach, it might just be the most efficient and affordable CAD/CAM experience on the market!

File storage

Paramach provides 250MB of FREE online storage, enough for hundreds of files and projects, available when ever you need them and accessible from any location you choose to work.

Give it a try. Sign up for our FREE 30 day trial today!